Atari ST workshop series 3

Our member Gunstick has started his workshop series about the Atari ST platform with a focus on oldschool demos which were the craze in the 90′s. This Saturday was the first talk (get the slides from there too) with a focus on the convoluted history, the specifications of the machine and showing off a whole ...

Marble Adder 4

Marble Adder
Every 2 years the science festival invites to bring science to young people. It is split into 2 parts. The first 2 days are for dedicated workshops with groups from various schools. The last 2 days are open to the public. Being a bit late with our submission we came up with the nice idea ...

2012…a new dawn! 2

It is tradition to wish everyone a happy new year when the old one ends and a new one begins. But the past year will leave a mark on everybody’s memory for its events.