Flying workshop

What’s that in the air? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a hacker!

That’s right, thanks to the wonders of modern transportation, we all loaded up in cars and found ourselves a grassy field in southern Luxembourg, where we could spend a bit of time learning to fly airplanes. With a trusty trainer transmitter setup, we were able to make a day out of flying all sorts of aircraft.

We had a really great turnout, with Tatiana even biking two hours to come learn how to fly. That’s dedication!

w_IMG_1475Raphael brought his Ascending Technologies Firefly. What a nice machine!

w_IMG_1489Kenn teaches Francois how to fly. Kenn got a haircut right after seeing this photo.


w_IMG_1486Marc’s plane was unfortunately the only fatality for the day. On its test flight, the model lost radio link at 100m distance and dove into the ground. The ensuing crash broke a lot of stuff. Remember boys and girls, always test your radio range before flying!


w_IMG_1485We recharged our batteries using a car battery. Don’t do this too much, because you’ll run the car battery flat. It depends on the size of the pack, but we only charged about 10 small 2S batteries before switching donor cars.

w_IMG_1488  w_IMG_1491You neck hurts after a little while of always staring up.

 w_IMG_1483But boy are the planes beautiful when they fly!

w_IMG_1490And of course we had a BBQ. Hackers gotta eat!

w_IMG_1492 No day is complete without security showing up and telling everyone to go home. No, seriously, this was part of a test to try to use the TechPod (featured in the picture) to autonomously find a lost hiker wearing a high visibility vest.
w_IMG_1482 w_IMG_1481 w_IMG_1480 w_IMG_1479 w_IMG_1478 w_IMG_1477 w_IMG_1476
w_IMG_1474 w_IMG_1473









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