HaxoGreen 2012 – Call for Proposals 1

HaxoGreen 2012 - Call for Proposals
After more than 80 satisfied campers in 2010, the long awaited third iteration of HaxoGreen, in its 2012 edition is finally here! After a very successful start into the forays of international hackcamps and hackerfests, hackerspaces and hackerspace-folks from all over Europe and beyond will meet for an informal exchange of knowledge on the this third iteration of our 4-day ...

2012…a new dawn! 2

It is tradition to wish everyone a happy new year when the old one ends and a new one begins. But the past year will leave a mark on everybody’s memory for its events.

New goodies in the space 1

New goodies in the space
With Christmas just around the corner, Santa Kris handed out presents in the past days. Nobody saw him and nobody heard him but our beloved hackerspace counts in its inventory a few more microcontroller boards from Texas Instruments and ST Microelectronics. Have a look at the following list with some more information. 2x MSP430 Value ...

You’re not alone!

You're not alone!
Some of you have not yet heard about it. Some of you already started counting days in October. And some of you will already be prepared from the years before. Behind Enemy Lines The Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin is reaching its 28th happening; this years topic: Behind Enemy Lines As every year, hackers from ...


… to the website of syn2cat, the hackerspace in Strassen, Luxembourg. If you’re new to the world of hackerspaces, take a moment or two to browse our About-us page. You may also choose to continue browsing our latest blog posts below this one or head straight on to our Wiki where we document all of ...