Slides from Digital Privacy Salon 7/03/15

The slides from Matthieu’s presentation on “Social networking by the terms” at the last Digital Privacy Salon are available here (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

CoderDojo Luxembourg 1

CoderDojo Luxembourg
  Weekly CoderDojo in Luxembourg at the local HackerSpace every Thursday at 18:00. It is intended for 12-18 Year olds (but younger Kids are welcome too) On the Agenda: Welcome and Future Dojo Events One hour of code to kick it off Quick show and tell what we made Bring a healthy snack to keep ...

Digital Privacy Salon 10/01/15 1

Digital Privacy Salon 10/01/15
Join us for the 1st Privacy Salon of the year to make some New Years Privacy Resolutions. Bring all those new devices you got for Christmas/St Nick and secure them at an all day Salon with CryptoKids activities, videos and free pizza! Luxembourg Digital Privacy Salon is free, intended for everyone, no prior technical expertise ...

Food hacking event with foodhacking base

Food hacking event with foodhacking base
Frantisek Apfelbeck and Eunha Jun from foodhackingbase had a trip through european hackerspaces and on short notice we managed to gather people for a 2 day hacking event around kefir making and korean cooking. The first day (friday 17 january) was focussed around how to create your own kefir culture. The second, and most interisting, ...

Quadrocopter factory 1

Quadrocopter factory
This Sunday we got serious about putting it all together: building our own mini quadcopters. Kenn gave some insights into the mathematics behind keeping an unstable system dynamically at rest. Same thing as balancing a broom on a fingertip, just that your head does not need to do a mathematical development over 27 pages to ...