Hackers’ Night Out: Tron Legacy

Hackers' Night Out: Tron Legacy
Friday night, a hacker horde descended upon Cinebelval to watch Tron Legacy in 3D. Disappointingly, but not at all rarely, the opening nights in Luxembourg tend to be weeks, if not months, behind the rest of the world. Having bravely withstood the pressure and not cheated by watching the movie first in a neighboring country, ...

Cyberpunk Friday: TRON

Cyberpunk Friday: TRON
On 14th of January we’re going to screen TRON at our hackerspace in Strassen. This will probably be played on a vintage Laserdisc Player, with the video “quality” of those times. So everyone who has never witnessed Laserdisc, this is the opportunity to see it in action. And to see an awesome movie, considering the year it was ...