Slides from Digital Privacy Salon 7/03/15

The slides from Matthieu’s presentation on “Social networking by the terms” at the last Digital Privacy Salon are available here (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

Science Festival 2013

Science Festival 2013
Science Festival 2013′s main theme was water, so syn2cat researched how we could hack something as common as H2O. We found that non-newtonian fluids were a great subject, especially corn starch mixed with water (called oobleck). The planning consisted of preparing several essential experiments and some accompanying optional bonus items. We would like to thank the ...

Quadrocopter factory 1

Quadrocopter factory
This Sunday we got serious about putting it all together: building our own mini quadcopters. Kenn gave some insights into the mathematics behind keeping an unstable system dynamically at rest. Same thing as balancing a broom on a fingertip, just that your head does not need to do a mathematical development over 27 pages to ...

collision detection: workshops and talks all around

collision detection: workshops and talks all around
We are going to start the school year by having a Radioshow on RadioAra on the 15th of September 2012. Muling & Thierry will be live on 103.3, 105.2 FM and so tune in and get the latest news on what is going on @ syn2cat’s Hackerspace. So what’s new in 2012/2013: Many talks ...

AtariST – The past catches up

AtariST - The past catches up
From the oppression of overscan and its liberation to the wide Parallax Distorter, the attendees of the AtariST workshop were impressed that the Atari was– and still is– amazing! We, the younger generation that has not come into contact with computers like the Atari or Amiga, travelled back in time to the 80′s and were ...