syn2cat at the 25th student’s fair

syn<sub>2</sub>cat at the 25th student's fair
We all tend to repeat the good things in our lives and so does syn2cat. On November 10th and 11th, the hackerspace was present at the 25th issue of the “Foire de l’Etudiant”. After the success of 2010, where we gained at least three new members, BEESECURE, the Luxembourgian operation for internet awareness raising, invited ...


… to the website of syn2cat, the hackerspace in Strassen, Luxembourg. If you’re new to the world of hackerspaces, take a moment or two to browse our About-us page. You may also choose to continue browsing our latest blog posts below this one or head straight on to our Wiki where we document all of ...

Mechanical binary adder by syn2cat hackerspace 1

Mechanical binary adder by syn<sub>2</sub>cat hackerspace
Several months of bending and soldering copper wires are gradually bearing their fruits. To be publicly unveiled at MNHN’s Science-Festival from November 10th through 13th, syn2cat’s 4-bit adder built entirely from copper wire, copper tubing, lead solder and marbles is nearing completion. Catch a first glimpse of this ball-machine con calculator in the following youtube ...

See how our Blinkentrees are made – Part 1

See how our Blinkentrees are made - Part 1
Material for our Blinkentrees has been ordered and arrived. Blinkentrees are electronic Christmas trees which are sold on the X-Mas market in Strassen in December. Because a whole bunch of such trees are to be built, a strict plan is required to get them finished in time. Thus we will start the Blinkentree 2011 Project ...

Tweetup nächsten Donneschten am @syn2cat

Short notice: den nächsten Donneschden ass am @syn2cat zu Stroossen (Hei mei infos zur Location) ass en Tweetup (Twitter Meetup). Du kanns dech op der Event Sait aschreiwen mat dengem Twitter username. ( Bis nächsten Donneschten am @syn2cat!